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Lunch for Children
Get children involved in making their school lunch. Ask them to pick something from each of these four groups in order to get a wide range of essential nutrients.
Carbohydrate foods – bread (wholemeal if possible), wraps, pitta bread, rice cakes, bread sticks, crackers (wholemeal if possible), selection or rolls and baps.
Protein group – Cold meats such as turkey/ chicken, tuna or hummus.
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Vitamins and Minerals - Any fresh fruit, mini boxes of raisins, dried fruit like mango, apricots and dates, carrot sticks, salad veg.
Calcium - Yogurts drinks, yogurts pots, small cartons of milk, cheese cubes or strings.
Treat foods are occasional foods. They’re allowed by most schools on Fridays and are fine as long as they are not displacing other more nourishing foods from your child’s diet.
Treats - Mini chocolate bars, low salt/fat crisps, mini muffins, cereal bar, brack, digestive biscuits.
Cereal GroupFruit & VegMilk GroupMeat Group“Treats”
Brown BreadBunch of seedless grapesYogurt DrinkCold ChickenMini carrot muffin
Pitta PocketSalad and
2 Satsumas
2 x low fat
fromage frais
Deli TurkeyFruit cake / brack
Soft Roll or bagelSmoothieBabybell, Cheddar Cheese portionsTuna and sweetcorn mixOatmeal Cookie
BreadsticksBananaFruit Bio YogurtsHummus dipPopcorn
Wholemeal roll or bapCarrot SticksLow fat yoghurt with friendly bacteriaHardboiled egg + mayoChocolate covered rice cake
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Keep in mind that research on these matters is on-going and is subject to change. The information presented is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. It is intended to provide ongoing support of your healthy lifestyle practices.
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